What Does Pygmy Mean?


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One of my friends who's Muslim and Christian was born in Egypt, and that's obviously in Northern Africa, close to the Arabian parts of Asia. She said that a Caucasian person in her class called her an "African Pygmy," which means a short African person from the low-class parts of Africa who works as a slave. A Pygmy is a short, low-class African person, and it is probably a very racist statement. At least, that is how my friend saw it. And she is not black, she is from the Arabian parts of Egypt.
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The word pygmy has its origin in Greek language. It is taken from the word Pugmaioi which was an alteration of pugme. Pugme means cubit or fist. Pugmaioi was modified by Latin as Pygmaei and as pigmie by Middle English. In Greek Mythology, pygmy indicates a member of dwarfs. A person inhabiting equatorial region of Africa and some parts of Southeast Asia is also known as a dwarf. he is below five feet in height.

Any individual who is unusually small in height is called a pygmy. Figuratively, any person supposed to be of no importance is addressed as pygmy. Pygmy could also be spelt as pigmy. Pygmy as an adjective refers to something that relates to the Pygmies. Thus, Lilliputian, midget, minute, tiny, minuscule and miniature could be the synonyms for dwarf.

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