What Does Hobnob Mean?


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Hob nob means to be on very friendly terms with some one. It means to be closely associated with them and run elbows with them. It doesn't have a disparaging or a critical denotation. In the present times it refers to being associated and friendly with the rich, famous and influential personalities of the society. Hob nob was initially known as hab and nab as per old English which meant "to have' and "to not have".

It transformed to hob and nob by the end of the 16th century except in dialects like Devonshire and Somerset. This word finds mention in Shakespeare's play titled "Twelfth Night". By the start of 18th century hob nob referred to two people drinking with each other and to each other. It acquired its current meaning only in the 19th century and meant a tête-à-tête with the elite of the society.

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