What Does Post- Hoc Mean?


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Post-hoc is the line of reasoning which assets that one event is the cause of the other event which follows it. The full form of post-hoc is "Post hoc ergo propter hoc," which in Latin implies "after this, therefore because of this"

Post hoc assumes that if one event follows the other, then the former must be the cause of the latter. This is a logical fallacy or a half-truth, because it involves coming to a conclusion based on the sequence of events. This line of thinking is not the correct measure of finding the veracity of an argument. In other words, it is not always right to say that the first event is the cause of the second event. Post-hoc arguments are devoid of a logical line of reasoning, and form the basis of many trivial beliefs and superstitious notions. For example, if you encounter a black cat on the way and then happen to fail in your tests, you may stand to believe that the first event was the cause of the second. Often it could be a mere coincidence or lack of adequate preparation on your part for the tests.

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