What Does Pawn Mean?


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Willard NOYB answered
It means to offer something as collateral for a loan or an item of value.
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Vikash Swaroop answered
The word pawn can be used as a noun as well as a verb and it conveys various meanings when you express the word.

The word can be used for a piece of small size which commands the least value in the game of chess. Usually you will find that each of the players involved in the game has eight pawns on the board when the game starts. Sometimes the word is also used for the kind of person whose each and every action is controlled by more powerful people.

When you are using the word as a verb it conveys the idea of an act in which you leave a valuable object to a person who gives you money in exchange and when you are able to pay him back, he returns the money. But he earns his profit from the interest you pay to him for the period you have used his money.

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