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The word pax can be used as a noun and it refers to a period in history that is remarkable for the absence of having any major war and the period is usually imposed by a nation which is a predominant one.

Sometimes the word can also be used for a ceremonial greeting or embrace in the Christian churches which is given as a mark of Christian love and unity. The word can also refer to the ceremonial kiss which was given formerly at baptism or Eucharist service.

The word can trace its origin in the Latin language where the meaning it conveys is that of peace and this word can also seek its derivation in the roman mythology; Pax was the goddess of peace in the roman mythology.
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I've only heard this term used once. It was used in a dialog in the movie "A Month by the Lake." One main character asks to his love interest, "Pax?" Bcs they were clashing. She replies with a smile, "Pax" as if saying, "Yes, forgive and forget." A truly sweet and movie with quiet humor. And the scenery still makes me want to visit Lake Como in Italy!!! Watch this movie is you want something relaxing. I had to watch it a few times to let it grow on me and really appreciate it. Anyway... Pax... :)
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Pax in Roman culture refers to the Goddess of Peace. It also implies a little flat tablet with a sacred image imprinted on it that people kiss as a sign of peace. The Latin word for Pax means "peace."

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