What Does Dill Mean?


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The term Dill means a short span of life annual herb. It is found mostly in Southwest and Central Asia. It grows to a height of approximately 40-60 centimetres tall and its leaves are approximately 10-20 cm long. The flower of this herb is generally yellow or white in colour and is approximately 2-9 cm diameter. Dill is considered to be a very important herb and is cultivated all over Europe and North Africa as well as in its native Asia. The leaves of this herb carry a lot of fragrance and are generally used to flavour foods like gravlax (pickled salmon), borscht and other soups and pickles.

The name dill is believed to have been derived from a Norse or Anglo-Saxon word 'dylle', which means to soothe or lull. Shubit is the name that it is usually referred to in Semitics Language.

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