What Does Pickled Mean?


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The word pickled is defined as a food which is prepared by the process of soaking and storing it in a solution of brine (salt) or vinegar. It is a process used to preserve those food items which are perishable. Through the process of pickling, perishable foods can be preserved for several months. The resulting food is called a pickle. Pickled foods are those foods which are preserved in a pickling liquid.

Pickled finishes are those finishes which are made with a coat of white or another colour over a natural or lightly stained wood colour. The pickled effect is similar to the old blonde finishes, which were common in the 1940's and the 1950's. The only difference between the pickled finishes and the blonde finishes is that the former is usually done on furniture which has lots of crevices so that the white can stick into. The result of pickling is that it has a more interesting texture with the natural grains of the wood showing through and highlighted with the white layer.

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