What Does Myrtle Mean?


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Myrtle could refer to any evergreen tree or shrub belonging to the genus Myrtus
Myrtle is usually cultivated as a ground cover with its shiny dark green leaves and its typically blue-violet flowers.

Myrtle is classified under the genus: myrtus; the family: myrtaceae; the order: myrtales; the class: magnoliopsida; the division: magnoliophyta; and the kingdom: plantae. The myrtle has a special place in Greek mythology, where it was thought to be sacred to Aphrodite. In ancient Greece it was a widespread tradition for brides on their wedding day to be adorned with a crown of myrtle. In Jewish custom, the myrtle leaves and branches are used with the lulav as well as other species in the holiday of Sukkot.

MYRTLE is also an acronym that stands for Multi-Year Return Tidal Level Equipment, that is, a marine science project.

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