What Does Privet Mean?


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Privet initially was the name given to the European semi-evergreen plant Ligustrum vulgare, and over the period of years for the additional evergreen Ligustrum ovalifolium, applied widely for privacy hedging.

This expression is at the moment applied for all the components of the class Ligustrum, which comprise of 40-50 varieties of evergreen, semi-green or deciduous plants as well as petite trees, inhabitant to Europe, North Africa, Asia and Australasia, with the heart variety found in China, the Himalayas, Japan and Taiwan. They are put in the olive family unit Oleaceae. The flowers are minute and aromatic and borne in panicles. They are usually made up of four curled-back petals and two high stamens with yellow and red anthers. The flowering of these plants normally start after 330 growing level days.

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