What Does Poppy Mean?


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Poppy is actually a flower that needs strong sunlight. You would usually see them in the middle of August. They are small little flowers. It would be an extremely unlikely probability that you would see this flower in the winter. The poppy flower is unlike most flowers. Most flowers grow in spring the best, but this flower is always growing were sunlight shines on us at summer. In winter it would not grow because the freezing coldness from the air affects the chemicals within the seed. Poppy flowers have about 6 pedals. They are not the type of flowers that we call wild.
Poppy flowers have about 6 pedals. They are not the type af flowers that we call wild.
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Poppy is a showy flower that is born on one stem each, these flowers belong to the poppy family. The poppy flowers can be enjoyed in the wild; these flowers are also grown for ornamental purpose. Poppies are found in many different colours such as Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White and Pink. Some of the poppies have a dark centre. In the centre of a poppy there is a whorl of stamens. Poppies have a total of 4 to 6 petals. Prior to their blooming, these petals are crumpled in the bud

The poppy that is known as Papaver Rhoeas is a very commonly available weed in Europe. This poppy is also found in many locations Flanders Field. The golden Poppy is the state flower of California.

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