What Does Edelweiss Mean?


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Edelweiss refers to an evergreen plant of the Leontopodium alpinum family. The plant is the native of Europe and is found growing in the elevated altitudes of the mountains of South America, Europe and Asia. The plants stand about six inches tall with about 2 to 10 yellow coloured flowers arranged in a thick cluster. There are woolly white leaves arranged in a star-kind of formation below the leaves.

The Swiss people have the highest amount of regard for the edelweiss. The flower symbolizes purity and inaccessibility. It is also famous as a pot plant in these regions. The flower plant is protected by law in Switzerland. One can find the picture of the edelweiss on the € 0.02 eurocent coins. The Austrian brand of beer also goes by the name of Edelweiss. Quite aptly, the edelweiss is the national flower of Switzerland and Austria. The flower is poised to become the replica for the Winter Olympics in the city of Salzburg in the year of 2014. In Austria, a man is traditionally expected to gift a woman with a bunch of edelweiss on Valentine's Day, which implies that he has risked his life by going up the high altitudes where the flowers thrive.

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