What Does Neat Mean?


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Neat means to be organized and as a slang for being awesome and cool.
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Neat can be used as a noun and also as an adjective. Neat has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word 'nitidus' which means elegant and gleaming. Nitidus was obtained from 'nitere' which means 'to shine'. Later it was adapted by the Old French as 'net'. Then, it was modified by Anglo-Norman as neit. Neat can be used as neater and neatest which are the comparative and superlative forms of neat.

Neat means something which is orderly or clean, precise or systematic. It could also mean taut, tidy, snug, shipshape, spick-n-span, spruce, well-groomed, clean, and trim. Something or someone that is ingenuous or skilful is referred to as neat. Fro example: neat in dealings. Neat profit is that which is left after all deductions. Neat could also mean terrific (informal usage). For example: a neat party. Neat also indicates that which is not diluted with other substances.
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Neat means like really organized or/and clean.
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Neat could be either be used to mean tidy or clean. Or it could be used as cool or awesome.
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Read Mr. Messy by Roger Hargreaves. In that story you will meet Mr. Neat and Mr. Tidy and there will be no further explanation of the word neat needed!

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