What Does Literary Merit Mean?


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The term 'Literary merit' is made up of two words. The word literary concerns literature. Thus, it could relate to criticism or praise or anything that is related to literature. Literature concerns language or style of writing that is suitable or typical of a work of literature. The second word merit means worth or excellence. Merit something worth rewarding or praising.

Thus, the words 'literary' and 'merit', taken together as literary merit mean excellence or worth, especially of a written work. This term 'literary merit' is used to distinguish between different works of literature. Thus, it is the quality of that work. If something is considered to be lacking in literary merit, it does not have the required quality or excellence as a literary work. It lacks aesthetic value. Legally, literature that has literary merit is usually considered to be non-pornographic. This concept of 'literary merit' is subjective.

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