What Does 'Lion Heart' Mean?


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The term 'lion-heart' is formed of two words: lion and heart. The first word lion has a Semitic origin. It was adapted by the Greek as 'leon'. The Latin adapted it as leo. Later, it was modified by the Old French and then by the Middle English. Lion is a noun. Lion though a wild animal is figuratively used to fro a person who is brave. The second word 'heart' has its origin in Old English and is taken from the word heorte. Later, it was adapted by the Middle English as hert. The word heart as it is known is the important organ in our body and symbolises courage, fearlessness, fortitude, dauntlessness, and mettle.

Thus, the term 'lion-heart' is used for a person who possesses exceptional courage and fortitude. He is a very brave person. Fro example: he was a lion-heart. It means he was a very fearless person. He can deal with any kind of danger or fear.
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A lion is considered to be brave and willing to face the world. If someone told you that you have the heart of a lion, consider it a very nice compliment. I would.

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