What Does Epigastric Mean?


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Epigastric is the adjective form of the word epigastrium. Epigastric means of, characterised by or concerning the anterior walls of an abdomen. It usually includes the area over the stomach in addition to the area in front of it. It could also be used to mean lying down on or lying over the stomach.

For instance a pain in the abdominal or an abdominal viscus could be described as "epigastric". Important facets of the anterior abdominal wall include the superior and the inferior epigastric arteries. A severe Epigastric pain could be one of the several indicators of an Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI).

Epigastrium is a noun that denotes the upper middle expanse of the abdomen. At times the term epigastric is loosely applied to refer to the area above the navel.

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