What Does Emulate Mean?


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Emulate means to strive to be equal. It is to be a match to some one or something. It refers to be like someone through imitation. Thus it means to equal or excel. It also means to take after someone or to copy their actions. It is a verb. Thus it refers to the act of taking efforts to equal or surpass them by their imitation. It also means to rival them and give them a tough competition at least to some extent. It also denotes the meaning 'to approach' and 'attain a quality'. It is from the Latin word aemulatus which means to rival. It is pronounced as em-yuh-leyt.

It has different connotation in computer science and refers to the imitation of the function of another system be it hardware or software which allow to accept same data, execute same programs and achieve same results as that of the imitated system.
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Ambreen Misbah answered
Emulate is the strive to become equal or to excel. It also means to imitate by means of an emulator. Moreover, it also refers to approaching equality with something.

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