What Does Coquettish Mean?


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Coquettish means something like coquette. Coquette is basically the term used to refer to a coquette woman. She is a woman who is basically called as a seductive woman. A coquette uses her sex appeal to make use of men. She is a woman who flirts happily with men to be the victor of their approbation, affection and warmth. She tries doing this by flirting with them.

A coquette is a woman whose behavior is to attract or catch the attention of men by sexually seducing them. Such women try to be playful and charming. These women normally try to catch the attention of the others (men) by doing things that would compel them to get attracted to them and they continue seducing the men. Such women are called as coquettish
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Raine-Coline Baptiste
you're pretty redundant in your defining of the term coquettish when simply put it is used to describe a woman who flirts and makes pretentious sexual or romantic advances. two paragraphs was unnecessary.
Raine-Coline Baptiste
You’re a bit redundant and somewhat confusing in your definition when simply put the word is used to describe a woman who uses sexual and romantic flirting to her advantage. Tada! Did you really need two paragraphs?

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