What Does Condemnation Mean?


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The word condemnation is either to be in a state where one is condemned or when somebody is condemning someone else. It stands for having been or severely reproofing or strongly censuring. It is an expression that suggests strong disapproval and involves the pronouncing of something morally culpable or wrong.

Its synonyms include disapprobation, curse, sentence, conviction, judgment of conviction, execration etc.

Condemnation is used in a religious sense and is seen in almost all religions usually based on moral or offensive grounds. For instance "the cartoons of the Prophet received strong condemnation from the Muslim world".

Condemnation is also a legal concept that implies something being forfeited. In many cases a health and hygiene authority may hold something to be unfit for consumption, or land may be forfeited and henceforth be put to public use.

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