What Does Mend Mean?


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Mead means to fix,repair stuff.
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The word mend is a verb meaning to make repairs, fix or to carry out restoration. It can also mean to correct or reform. Mend can also be used to refer to the recovery in the health of a person or to the healing process in general. As a noun it refers to both the act of mending and the place where mending takes place. The word comes from the Middle English word "menden" which was short for "amenden" meaning "to amend".

Mend can be defined as correct, fix, improve and repair. Synonyms of mend include fix, doctor, restore, heal, patch, bushel, repair, touch on, furbish up etc. Antonyms of mend are break, tear, destroy, weaken, hurt and ruin.

MEND is also the abbreviation for the "Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta". This is a militant group in Nigeria which has been targeting oil companies there.

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