What Does Caliph Mean?


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Caliph or Khalifah in Arabic means a term which is used to assign the head of a Sufi order. Caliphs were frequently referred to as Amīr al-Mu'minīn or the "Commander of the Faithful", or in a much more colloquial term, leader of the Muslims. This title has been abridged and Romanized to "emir".

It is said that Muhammad was the only leader to receive divine revelations, since he was the last divine messenger.

There are also a few evidences that the early caliphs did believe that they had ability to look into the matters which are not specified in the Quran. They assumed themselves to be the spiritual and secular leaders of Islam, and claimed that unspoken obedience to the caliph for all things was the trademark to being a good Muslim.

It causes the masses to perform accordingly by religious insight into their awareness in the other world and also with the present.

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