What Does Lucid Mean?


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Lucid means "something which is simple and easily comprehensible." It can also mean someone who is of clear mind, rational, sane or balanced. Lucid can also imply "being transparent or translucent." In this context, the apt synonyms are "clear," "see-through", "and crystalline," "pellucid" etc. A person or a source of information which is able to give coherent, logical information in a clear and consistent manner can be termed as "exhibiting lucidity."

The commonly used synonyms of the word "lucid" are clear, coherent, simple, plain, understandable etc. It is understood that the word entered popular English literature in the beginning of the 14th century. Here is a sentence which uses the word "lucid":
The grammar book of Wren and Martin is quite simple to follow with lucid explanations and examples.
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To be "aware" of your actions or self being.

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