What Does Expedient Mean?


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Expedient means "useful" or "apt to a purpose." When something is designed to serve a person's interest or use, it is said to be expedient. The person's need or use should be of an urgent nature to justify the meaning of expedient. The word is an adjective form of the noun "expediency." The old meaning of the word was "speed" but now the word "expedited" is used to convey the meaning.

The suitable synonyms for the word "expedient" are befitting, convenient, tailor-made, proper, suitable, practical etc. Expedient can also mean something which is used temporarily till a permanent solution comes to the fore. In this context, the synonyms of the word can be stopgap, make shift, temporary etc. The expedient solution which fulfils an urgent pressing demand may not always be the right or ethical one. The moot thing here is that it should be suited to the purpose sought.

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