What Does Folly Mean?


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A folly refers to a mistake made due to lack of good sense or presence of mind. It usually referred to an act of foolishness. For example, "she regretted the follies caused due to her drunkenness". It refers to absolutely maniacal, senseless or nonsensical behaviour by a person.

In architectural terms, a folly is the word used to refer to an eccentric or an unconventional building that is erected to improve a romantic setting or backdrop.

Follies were particularly stylish in England during the course of the eighteenth and the nineteenth century. These structures were often characterised by a deliberately unfinished look given to them.

They were similar to medieval towers or resembling ruined castles, or even look like ancient temples with eroded pillars for added effect.

They did not have much functional use, they were purely decorative. Examples of follies in Britain include The Folly Tower at Pontypool, Wales; Severndroog Castle at Shooter's Hill; Ashton Memorial in Lancaster etc.

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