What Does Lamar Mean?


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The name 'Lamar' is usually used to give a name to a boy and it can trace its origin in the Old German and Old French as well. The meaning that you can derive from the word is water or land famous.

This word is not alone and has some variants also. You can find the words Lamarr, Lemarr, Lamarre and Lemar as the variants of the word Lamar and they all can trace their origin on the same root as that of that word.

One of the unique features of the word Lamar is that it is quite popular both as a name and as a surname and not many names in this world are existing that are enjoying such privilege.
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The word "Lamar" is a name for boys which is derived from the Old French and the Old German. It means "the water; land famous" and is pronounced as la-mar. It has various variant forms including Lamarr, Lemarr, Lemar and Lamarre.

Lamar is also the name of several places in the United States of America for example; Lamar in the state of Arkansas.
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Also lamar in arabic mean the old moon ( the antic moon)
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The name lamar means
the water of the gold
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The name lamar was birthed in the orignal lands of the east when refering to the first born son to passed thru the water of his mothers womb. As we all know the first born son is a great celebration which was then communicated thru out the land with great reverence that a new clan was blessed with a lamr which later translated to; water/ famous/ etc

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