What Does Lain Mean?


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The word "lain" is the past participle of the word "lie". It is derived from the Middle English word "lien" which was taken from the Old English "licgan".

The word can be used in a number of ways; in its verb form it can mean to be in a horizontal, recumbent or flat position or to place oneself as such, to be supported or placed on any horizontally flat surface, to remain or be in a condition specified, to be buried somewhere, to extend etc, in its noun form it can be either the position or manner in which something is situated or the hiding place or haunt of an animal.

An archaic meaning of the word means to stay for a short while or a night. In law it refers to something as being maintainable or admissible. The golf ball's position after having come to a stop is also referred to as such.
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A lain is  the man that does not have the ability to move or do what others are doing.

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