What Does Hunch Mean?


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A hunch in general is used to refer to a premonition or an intuitive feeling. In this sense it is used to refer to a guess or a feeling which is not founded on known facts. It could also refer to a hump; or a lump or chunk. It has also been used to refer to a push or shove.
As a transitive verb the word hunch has been used to mean blending or drawing up into a hump. It could also mean to push or shove. As an intransitive verb it generally means assuming a crouched position or cramped posture. The verb could also mean thrusting oneself forward.

The origin of the word is not known for sure.

Hunch is also the name of a parody of Derryn Hinch which was played by Steve Vizard on Fast Forward, an Australian television show. It could also refer to The Hunch Backs, which is a mountain situated in Hong Kong.
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Related to guessing,
I had a hunch that he will come today = I guessed that he will come today

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