What Does Gesture Mean?


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The term gesture is applied to a motion of either the limbs or the body which is made in order to express or to aid in the expression of thought or often simply to emphasise speech. The term could be used to refer to the act of moving either the limbs or body for emphasis or as an expression of thought. It could be an act or even a remark that is made as a formality or one that is made as a sign of a certain intention or attitude; such as 'a gesture of kindness'.

As an intransitive verb it generally means 'to make gestures'. As a transitive verb it means showing, expressing or directing by use of gestures. A gesture is an important form of non-verbal communication.

The word has its roots in the Medieval Latin word gestura, meaning bearing; from the Latin term gestus, which is past participle of the word gerere, meaning to behave.
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