What Does Invigorate Mean?


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Invigorate is a verb that can be used when something is making somebody feel very energetic or full of health. But the word has some other uses also but every time the idea it conveys is always something to do with providing a lot of energy to somebody or something. When somebody is making a situation or an organisation very efficient and successful you can use the word in that context also.

The following sentences can make it clear for you the uses of the word in various contexts: 1) the coffee you provided has just invigorated me, 2) I felt invigorated after the morning walk and 3) Since the day John has taken over the charge of the organisation he has just invigorated it.
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The transitive verb invigorate, first used in 1646, means to give life and energy to something. Its synonyms could be animate and stimulate.

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