What Does Burnished Mean?


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The word "burnished" means something made bright and shiny by rubbing. When an object is burnished, it reflects a shiny gleam or glow. A burnished surface will always have a glossy, smooth and refined look to it. Words like brighten, shine, sheen are other synonyms of the word "burnished." The word is derived from a French word "brunir," which means "to make brown."

A dullish looking dinner-set or dinnerware that is taken out of the kiln and rubbed to give a golden shine is said to be "burnished" Burnishing is also a kind of pottery beautification in which the exterior of the pot is polished, often using a spatula of wood before the firing process. The firing process is a process of treating clay or other ceramic material with heat to manufacture a sturdy, durable but brittle material like a pot or any other ceramic object. After the firing process, the surface looks extremely shiny and glossy. Certain ceramic objects are also adorned with "pattern burnishing" wherein, either the inside or the outside of the pots or bowls are burnished while the other areas are left matte.

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