What Does 'Jejune' Mean?


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The word 'jejune' has its origin in Latin. This word is taken from the term 'ieiunus'. The term ieiunus means 'meager, dry or fasting'. Jejune is something which is not interesting or is dull. For example: the words were used jejunely. The example indicates that the words were not used in an interesting way. Jejunely is an adverb form of the word jejune.

Someone or something that lacks maturity or is childish is also termed 'jejune'. For example: we were astonished at his jejune solutions to our problems. The example indicates that his solutions did not carry the depth of understanding required to solve the problem. A jejune diet is the one that lacks nutrition.
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I suspect that the second meaning of jejune comes from a confusion with the French 'jeune' meaning young. ??? Marthamary

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