What Does Depraved Mean?


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Depraved refers to being immoral. It is defined as the act of deviating from the path of righteousness and following the path of wrong doing. It means a conduct which is reproachable. It is used to describe something which is extremely departed from anything that is good and normal. Thus a depraved individual has very low morals or none at all. It is the adjective form of deprave. A depraved person has an evil nature and is very vicious. He is morally bad in principle and practice.

He lacks in integrity and is corrupt with no hopes of reformation. Perverted, reprobate, incorrigible, degenerate, decadent, etc are some of the synonyms of this word. "He is a depraved soul", "he was punished for his depravity by his parents" etc are the examples about how this word is used. It is an act of transgression or violation of one's duty.

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