What Is The Definition Of Moral Decadence?


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Moral Decadence is a decline or corrosion.

  • Decadence

Decadence is described as corrosive due to a lack of ethical, moral and sexual traditions. A decadent person often overdresses, flaunting wealth. It is a self indulgence in which the person is willing to give themselves anything in order to be happy. It does not necessarily mean the person is wealthy, just that they are willing to act like it by giving themselves what they want over helping other people or doing things in moderation.

  • Moral
Moral can be defined as a set of rules that define the proper conduct. It is also a concept wherein one can find a difference between what is right and what is wrong. There are ethics wherein a person will not cross a certain line because it would be considered unethical or wrong.

  • Moral Decadence
The phrase is somewhat contradictory because a person that is decadent is not moral if you consider the definition of decadence. The term was created back in earlier centuries such as during the Middle Ages when there was a great deal of corruption in religion such as the Catholic Church. Priests and other religious figures were "morally decadent" because they would self indulge while purporting to be full of morality- to help people by giving them religion and thus lead them on a moral path.

Not all in religion or in Catholicism were guilty of this, but the history books do provide a good example of moral decadence based on religious corruption. Today there is a lot of talk about moral decadence and our youth. It is thought that the youth of today are morally decadent as there are more wrongdoings than ever before due to the self indulgent nature of youth, particularly seen with the electronics we must have that are rather self indulgent.

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