What Does Asymmetric Mean?


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Asymmetric as the word suggests is something which is not symmetrical. It conveys no balance or symmetry. In zoological terms, asymmetric relates to the parts that are not similar to each other. Example: human beings have bilateral symmetry; that is, the left and the right sides are similar in structure. If it were not so, the shape would have been asymmetrical.

In terms of chemistry, asymmetrical relates to carbon structure. The carbon has four valency which is the number of electrons it can share to form a bond. When this carbon atom is bonded to four different groups it forms a distorted structure. This disturbs the spatial arrangement of atoms in the molecule which is formed by the bonding of the given elements and carbon. Thus, if a mirror image of a molecule of the compound formed is taken and superimposed over the original molecule, the images do not show similarity. Thus, such a carbon atom is called asymmetric carbon atom.

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