What Does Geek Mean?


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Geek is someone who is more into the book than the social life.... It's not a bad thing though "geeks" are usually the ones that make it farthest in life...
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HKP hkp answered
It means young men who have relied primarily on intellect rather than social aptitude or looks
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Bill Gates answered
Geek is a computer freak!!!
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Nisha Fernandes answered
The word geek originates from the term 'circus geeks' which alluded to the performers that put up side shows at carnivals. A Geek is best described as any individual that is fascinated perhaps even to the point of obsession by some specific branch of knowledge or imagination. The subject of their obsession is most likely to be virtual or electronic in nature. The person is generally has an intellectual bent of mind and is generally ostracized or unpopular.

The label geek is very closely associated with nerd. Nevertheless it is argued that the two terms are not synonymous. While nerd is always used with a negative connotation geeks may even be referred to as people who are to be admired for example 'computer geeks are in high demand in today's world'.

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