What Does Chap Mean?


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The word "Chap" has several meanings.

Chap as a word is used to refer in a casual way to a man or a boy. In this sense it can refer in the plural to perhaps both boys and girls. For instance "that chap cheated me", "those chaps are at the cinema" etc.

A chap is also a term that stands for a crevice or a surface depression that is long and narrow. Chaps also describe dry patches of skin that form on a persons lips. These chaps are usually a result of dry and cold weather.

Fans of western films will be enlightened (if not already in the know) that the coverings that are present on the pants of cowboys are also known as chaps.

The word CHAP is an acronym for either Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol which helps the internet provider authenticate the user or for Combined Heat and Power which is a term used when referring to power generators which generate useful both heat and electricity.

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