What Does Lithe Mean?


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The word 'lithe' has its origin in Old English and is derived from the word līthe. Līthe means flexible or mild. Later, it was adapted by Middle English. Lithe is an adjective and means something which is supple and flexible. For example: lithe branches of trees. The word 'lithe' describes the branches that are supple yet flexible. They can be easily bent. It could be used as lither or lithest which are its comparative and superlative forms respectively. For example: the branches of birch are lither than many other trees.

Lithe is used to indicate something which is graceful without any effort or naturally graceful. For example: a lithe ballet dancer. Here, 'lithe' describes the ballet dancer as graceful and slender. The words synonymous to lithe are: agile, lean, lightsome, limber, loose, lissome, nimble, pliable, pliant, thin, slender, slight, spare, and slim.

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