What Does Guru Mean?


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It is a Sanskrit word and is used for a teacher. It literally means every teacher but is often used to denote a saint, or a spiritual teacher. The actual denotations mean a person who brings light into darkness or the remover of darkness and hence guru is often used in context to a religious precept or a prophet as in the Sikh terminology.

According to Hindu and Buddhist religions guru helps people to transcend out of their material world and attain higher levels of consciousness. Thus a guru is a very revered figure and mentor or a guide who helps to attain enlightenment and emancipation. The Indian philosophy states that a human being cannot be liberated from the endless cycles of life and death with out the help of a guru. A guru is the person who can help to break the bondages of karma and rise above it.
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The word "Guru" comes from Eastern Cultures and is found in the Hindu and Buddhist religious beliefs. In relation to these philosophies it refers to a person who is ones spiritual guide or teacher. It refers to a number of things these days. It can be used to refer to a teacher who instructs in matters related to philosophy and spirituality. It means also a kind of mentor or guide, a trusted advisor or councilor of sorts. It is a term used synonymously for a person who is in some field a recognized leader.

The word "Guru" comes from the Hindi word "guru" and is derived from the Sanskrit word "guruh" meaning heavy. In Hindu philosophy the word "gu" means darkness and the word "ru" means light. Hence the role of a guru is to bring a person from the darkness to the light, from ignorance to enlightenment.
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It means teacher

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