Should There Be Swear Words?


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Most people use these words (and they are just words) out of habit and don't even realize the full meaning of the words.  We make a big deal out of nothing.
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I agree it is out of habit for some,but habit spreads I've heard people use profanity in or near a church and Say Lord forgive me and he will,but try to break that habit by expanding your vocabulary....
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Swear language was never the purpose of God creating man. Mankind was made in God's image, to reflect Him, for His pleasure. His language is clean and pure holy. Anything else than that is offensive is categorised as not good not good enough. Peace.
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Livy Hall
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But, if we all irradicated swear words, they would probably still be bad because of the history.
michael adcock
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The lord said that my children soddish for lack of understanding that word soddish means stupid
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To me a person that swears has a very limited vocabulary and could correct this by studying more english and frequent the dictionary.
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even if you are angry you should have a vocabulary that will express your sentiments exactly,easier said than done especially if you are peeved.
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Swearing depends on the people or person your talking to calling someone a idiot/moron/fool/might be more offensive than if you called them an asshole there really isnt any reason for swearing but in today's society it seams like you just cant get your point across to certain people unless you swear at them i try to avoid those type of people but i have been known to blurt out a few choice words myself never use the lords name in vain it is one of the easiest commandments to follow .

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