What Does Clos Mean?


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Clos is a term used in connection with Burgundy wines or the white or the red varieties of wine produced in the Burgundy region of France. One may hardly see the term actually written on the label of a Burgundy wine unless the vineyard bearing that name produces and packages the wine. For example: Clos de La Roche. Incidentally "clos" is a French word for "enclosed" or "closed." The popular French usage for this term is reserved mainly for an enclosed vineyard.

CLOS or Common Lisp Object System is a computer related term. It forms the part the Common Lisp which contains the features of object-oriented programming (a kind of program which gives relevance to data rather than processes or logic) like classes and methods. CLOS contains a number of complex and powerful features, but it is not important to comprehend the program in entirety to use it effectively.

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