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The word aura is used regularly in the English language but it also has many alternative meanings depend on the context in which the word is used.

The first definition of aura is a distinctive quality or atmosphere that surrounds or seems to be generated by a person, thing or a particular place.

The word aura can also be used to describe a symptom of perceptual disturbance that some people experience just before they begin to suffer from a migraine. It can also be experienced by people who have epilepsy just before they suffer a seizure. People who have experienced an aura describe it as the perception of a strange light. It tends to act as a kind of warning signal to people, letting them know that they are about to have a seizure or migraine. Other people claim to experience aura with having a migraine, this is known as a silent migraine.

However, an aura can be confused as a sudden onset of pain, panic attacks, anxiety attacks which can make it difficult for Doctors to make a diagnosis. It can also be difficult to diagnose someone who experiences chest pain, dizziness, palpitations, paresthesis and derealisation.

Aura is also a word that is used in parapsychology to describe a field of subtle and luminous radiation that surrounds a person or a particular object. Aura usually applies to people who have particular power or holiness. Some people describe it as the essence of an individual.

Sceptics of aura in this sense believe that the sensation of aura may be caused by migraines, synthesia or epilepsy , a disorder with the brain, a disorder with vision, or due to the effects of psychedlic drugs such as LSD.

Aura can also be definted as any kind of invisible emanation for example of a scent or odour.
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An aura is said to be the energy field that surrounds a particular person, an object or a surface. It is often been interpreted as being the vibrations of a persons soul or the representation of certain aspects of the Chakras. Many people claim that chakras can also be viewed by the naked eye provided that a person is well ordained in this science.

The aura's are said to be several layers or cocoons that blend together to envelop a person. Each aura is also said to have a difference color or can be represented as having a different color. In terms of metaphysics these can be represented as being electromagnetic fields. A special sub field of photography known as Kirlian photography can actually capture these auras.
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Aura is a widely used term. It has many alternative definitions. Firstly aura could mean an intangible radiation, breath or emanation. Secondly aura could mean a distinct yet invisible halo that surrounds a thing or a person like for instance "An aura of happiness pervaded the family".

Aura in pathology means a feeling or sensation like a gentle breeze or a dazzling light that a person may experience before getting a migraine or an epileptic fit. In optometry there is a phenomenon called aura. The NASA Earth Observing System also has launched a satellite named Aura. AURA is also the abbreviation for Association of Universities that do Research in Anatomy. There are also several places called Aura. Aura is also the name of music albums released by CMX, Asia, and Miles Davis.
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When you see colours around peoples heads. This can tell you what sort of person they are.
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The Human Aura is made up of seven main Human aura's which extend up to four feet from the Human body.
These aura's all occupy the same space at the same time, each Human aura extending out further than the previos aura.
All Human aura's are interconnected and reliant on the others for normal function.

The seven main Human aura's of the aura are ETHERIC AURA : EMOTIONAL

The astral Human aura extends about eight to twelve inches from the
physical body and appears as brightly coloured rainbow clouds. The
astral Human aura is the bridge between the physical world and the
spiritual world.

The celestial Human aura extends about twenty four inches from the
Human physical body and appears as a brightr shimmering light of pastel
colours. This is the level of feelings within the world of our spirit.
Here we communicate with all the beings of the spiritual world.

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