What Does Eviction Mean?


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The word eviction originated in Latin. Eviction is the noun form of evict. It was taken from the word ēvincere or ēvict which meant to vanquish. The ē in the ēvincere means prefix 'ex' which means out, away, from and out of and vincere in the ēvincere means to defeat. This word was later adapted as evicten by the Middle English. Evict is to legally force tenants to leave the house they are living in. For example: Helen and her family faced eviction few months ago.

Evicton could also mean 'forcing out' or 'ejection'. In legal context, eviction is seen in a different perspective. It means to recover property or any other thing by virtue of a superior order or legal process. Some words that could be used for eviction are ouster, removal, rush, throwing out, clearance, dislodgement, and dispossession.

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