What Does Bern Mean?


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Berne – meaning courageous and brave – is the name of Switzerland's capital city. Berne, a popular tourist's destination, is located to the west from the centre of the country. The city outlines a peninsula formation, by the river Berne. Initially, the settlements were along the peninsula surrounded by the river 'Aar' but with passage of time the city has swelled its limits beyond those parameters.

The German-speaking people of Berne have been estimated to have crossed the count of 127,000. Topographically the 52 km cityscape is uneven with mountainous terrain. Nearest mountain peaks to Berne are 'Gurten' and 'Bantiger' with heights if 828 and 947 respectively. The city's medieval charm has also earned UNESCO's title as a Cultural World Heritage site. With a well-connected Berne Rail Station the city has become a part of national as well as international network of rail transport service.

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