What Does Perennial Mean?


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The word perennial can have two meanings as it can be both an adjective and a noun.

As an adjective, perennial can have five different meanings. The first meaning is lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite period of time. This meaning is the most commonly used one of perennial, although the other four are rather similar in definition. The second meaning refers to that of a plant meaning that it lives for several years. The third meaning especially applies to a problem or difficult situation, meaning that it is continually occurring. The fourth meaning refers to a person when they are apparently permanently engaged in a specified role or way of life. And the fifth meaning refers to a stream or spring, meaning that is flows continuously. Perennial philosophy basically shows the existence of a universal set of truth and values.

When perennial exists as a noun, it refers to a perennial plant which generally tends to describe herbaceous plants. These plants usually only need to be planted once as they will grow back year after year. Examples of perennial plants include lillies, hostas, peonies, certain herbs such as oregano, thyme, lavender and tarragon. The great benefit about these types of plants is that they need very little care once they have been planted and they tend to multiply each year. The only downside however is that they tend to cost a little more than plants that need replacing yearly.

Annuals are another type of plant that do not survive the cold Winter months and need to be replanted each year when the weather is best. Examples of this type of plant include sunflowers and tomatoes. Biennials are the other type of plant which are kind of in between annuals and perennials as they only need to be re-planted once every two years.
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A perennial plant or perennial is a plant that survives for nearly for more than two years. These plants generally do not form woody tissue and woody perennials. The term perennial generally describes Herbaceous perennials. Nearly every perennials are polycarpic, the flower almost throughout the year.

Perennials grow in almost every climate, whether it is warmer or more clement climates. These plants mainly rule the natural ecosystems on land as well as fresh water. Even a few kinds like Zostera occur in shallow sea water.
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The word Perennial is used in a number of contexts. It is usually used for something that lasts for an indefinitely long time. Or something that lasts or continues for the entire year.

It is also used to refer to something that is perpetual, everlasting, continuous or recurrent.

It is also used for a plant that has a life cycle of more than two years.

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Plant for the whole year

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