What Does Moho Mean?


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The term moho may refer to a number of things depending on the context in which it is used. Most popularly a moho is used to refer to the MohorovičIć discontinuity, which is the boundary between the mantle and the Earth's crust.

There is also a town by the name of Moho, Puno located in the Puno Region in Peru. It was formerly the name of a 2D animation software from Lost Marble; it is currently distributed under the name of Anime Studio by eFrontier. Moho is also a genus of birds belonging to the family Meliphagidae. Moho is also the Hawaiian name given to the Hawaiian Rail as well as the Māori name given to the North Island Takahē.

The term Moho refers to both Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and its students. Moho is an acronym for Model of Human Occupation.

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