What Does Orbit Mean?


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Orbit means the way a thing travels around something, like for example the earth has an orbit around the sun if my information did not help you go to
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The word orbit is defined as a path which is usually elliptical (or oval) in shape. It is described by one celestial body in its revolution around another celestial body. An orbit is also a synonym for the word sphere. It refers to the particular environment or walk of life in which a person works.

The word orbit also means the scope or the area in which something operates or functions or acts or has the power or control or authority. It is the path of an electron around the nucleus of an atom. To orbit is also a verb which is defined as to orb or to move in an orbit, as celestial objects such as the satellites of each planet move around the planet or the planets orbit the Sun in the solar system. The orb is the eye socket or the bony cavity in the skull which contains the eyeball.
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Orbit means Satellite...

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