What Does Monticello Mean?


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Monticello, situated close to Charlottesville, Virginia, was actually the estate of Thomas Jefferson, who was the chief author of the United States Declaration of Independence; he was also the third president of United States and also the creator of University of Virginia.    The house basically is Jefferson's individual idea and is based on the peak of an 850-foot-high mountain found in Southwest Mountains and is south of the Rivanna Gap. Monticello. A representation of the western front was shown at the back of the 5 cent coin of the U.S. It lasted from 1938 to 2003.    Work was started on the Monticello in the year 1768; the Jefferson's shifted into the South Pavilion in the year 1770. Jefferson expired on July 4th, 1826 and the eldest daughter of Jefferson, Martha Jefferson Randolph inherited Monticello.

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