What Does Compton Mean?


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The meaning of the word Compton was originally thought to be some kind of 'valley enclosure'. Later however its meaning was broadened to mean valuable possession of average proportions.

Compton is a common surname and is the name of many places all over the world. Arthur Holly Compton was an American physicist who is best known for his research on gamma rays and x-rays and nuclear energy. His work enables us to understand how highly energized protons scatter after collisions with electrons. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1927.

Other prominent people with the surname Compton are the journalist Ann Compton, the actress Fay Compton, the Bishop of London Henry Compton and English cricketer and footballer Leslie Compton.

Compton shares its name with a number of villages and places in the UK like the ones in Gloucestershire, West Riding of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, South Staffordshire, Wolverhampoton, Wiltshire, Somerset, etc.

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