What Does Boisterous Mean?


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Rough; violent
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Boisterous means violent, loud or rough. A boisterous person is one who lacks discipline or control. The word can be used for an unruly mob that turn boisterous or turbulent. When a group of people or a class of students goes out of hand or beyond disciplinable limits, they turn boisterous. When the situation becomes violent or turbulent, the higher authority or the legal arm has to take just action to control the fiery situation.

Boisterous can also mean loud, uncouth or over the top. For example a slapstick comedy in a movie or a practical joke can be boisterous. The word can also be personified to winds and waves for example "boisterous typhoon" or "boisterous waves". The word is said to have originated from the ancient English word "boisterous" meaning rough and discourteous.
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Boisterous has many meanings. It means coarse. It means durable and strong, and it also means massive. Moreover, boisterous is also rowdy and is marked by or is expressive of exuberance and high spirits.

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