What Does Classification Mean In The Dictionary?


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Classification means:  1. Organization into groups: The allocation of items to groups according to type
classification of members according to abilities and interests

2. Category: A group or category within an organized system
The classification 'history' can be further subdivided.

3. Categorization of living things: The categorization of organisms into defined groups on the basis of identified characteristics. The Linnaean classification groups organisms into species, genera, families, and higher taxonomic groups on the basis of visible resemblances, while other systems may use other determining factors, e.g. The molecular relationships among the groups.

4. Designation as sensitive information: The restriction of sensitive government or military information to authorized people.

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It is putting things into categories, and different classes. For example fishes, squids are in one class, then lions, tigers are in one class.
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Classification is to classify different items.  Animals and plants are classified by species.  Their species is their classification.  There are as many methods and types of classification as the human mind can come up with.  I gave one example that comes from science, but the same holds true with business.  What are you separating and how do you want them separated?  Your end result is classification.

Tabulation means different things.  My computer screen is a tabulation because of the tabs at the bottom that organize the open windows.  When I balance my checkbook it is done through tabulation.  One is to organize with tabs, and the other is to calculate with math and table.

In business, there are no basic differences.  There is nothing between them that is basic.  They are just both used in business.  This is like comparing a tomato to a T-bone.  Only thing is common is they get eaten.
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HeY gUyS I'm bK aNd WhAt DoEs ThE wOrD ClAsSIfIcAtIoN mEaN ???
Hey Guys I'm Bk What Does The Word Classification mean ???

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