What Is Szechuan?


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Szechuan is a kind of a cuisine often referred to as Szechwan or Sichuan cuisine is a type of Chinese cuisine which originated in the Sichuan Province located in the south-western part of China. It is considered to be a typically 'hot' cuisine due to one of its main ingredients; the Sichuan peppercorn also known as Fagara. Along with this, are used chilli and ginger and a few spicy herbs as well. The entire cuisine is also divided into 4 main sub styles, each belonging to one particular region namely; Lesser River (Jialing), the Greater River (Yangtze), Chongqing and Chengdu. The ways to prepare the cuisine include steaming, braising, stir frying and many more. The reason for the abundance of spices in this cuisine is said to be derived from the geographical location of the country; something that would necessitate certain methods to salting, pickling and drying so as to preserve food.

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